The Palomino

The Palomino is one of the most beautifully colored horses you will ever see. Indeed, the color of the horse, palomino, has inspired myths and legends about this breed since ancient times. The place of origin of the Palomino breed will probably never be established with any certainty as the ancestry of this breed is shrouded in ancient tales of the golden horse with the ivory mane and tail. You will find depictions of the Palomino in ancient tapestries and paintings in Europe and Asia. The Palomino has come down through the pages of history. During the Crusades, the Emir Saladin presented Richard-Coeur-der-Lion with two beautiful war horses. One was grey and the other was a Golden Palomino. The Palomino is a multi-purpose horse that is admired not only for their beauty but also for their versatility, maneuverability, and endurance. They can be found in ranching, racing, rodeos, pleasure riding, parades, shows, fiestas, jumping competitions, trail rides and of course, on the big screen. Mr. Ed from the old TV show was a Palomio as was the famous “Trigger.”  Read the rest of this entry »

The Thoroughbred Horse

The Thoroughbred race horse is as close a you can get to to a cross between an Olympic track star and an Indy 5oo race car. The thoroughbred horse is all about size, power, speed, and leading a pampered lifestyle – just like professional athletes and high performance racing vehicles! The Thoroughbred horse was originally bred in England given their passion for fast race horses. The entire bloodline of Thoroughbred horses can be traced to Byerly Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian, all of which were imported to England between 1670 and 1710. It is believed that 90% of all modern Thoroughbreds have descended from Eclipse, whose grandsire was Darley Arabian. Eclipse was never defeated in a horse race. Another of Darley Arabian’s foal was Diomed, who won the very first running of the derby in 1780. At the ripe old age of 21 he was sent to the U.S. where he founded the male line through his son, Sir Archie.  Read the rest of this entry »

Age for Dog Training

One of the questions that a new dog owner might have is when they should start training a young puppy and the answer is always going to be as early as possible. Obviously a person is going to want to want to bring their puppy to a Monmouth County certified dog trainer for at least a short while until the dog is ready to be taken outside and engage in the learning process with his owner, but doing so early in a dog's life when the animal is still a puppy is always going to be the best way to go. Teaching puppies can be fun and rewarding.

All Pets Can Move

One of the concerns of pet parents is the health and welfare of their pet during a move, and for anyone who is looking to move across the country, it's definitely possible to have a professional pet transport company take care of the moving. Most of the time the transport of a pet across the country can be accomplished in just a few days, and this means that people won't usually need to prepare to send their animal off that far in advance of their own departure. The nice thing is that the animal will have a better time being safely transported.

The American Quarter Horse

The American quarter horse is a picture of beauty, strength, and elegance all in one majestic animal. The name “quarter horse” leads some to believe that this breed is smaller than his or her cousins but that is a mistake as the term quarter horse refers to the great speed that this breed exhibits in running short distances. The muscular build of the quarter horse makes it the sprinter among horses. However, the adaptability of the quarter horse has allowed it to be used in other occupations such as trail riding and for use by many urban mounted police units. Their even temperament makes them a great animal for new riders learning about horses and their breeding ability has made several stud farm owners both famous and wealthy. It is by far the most popular horse breed as their are now approximately 3.2 million quarter horses.   Read the rest of this entry »

Painted Horses For Sale

The American Painted Horse is the second largest breed registry in the United States. To be eligible for this registry, a Paint’s sire and dam must be registered with either the American Paint Horse Association (APHA), the American Quarter Horse Association, or the Jockey Club. Paint Horses must also have a minimum of white hair over unpigmented skin. The average height of the American Painted Horse is 14 to 16 hands and the colors are distinguished by Pinto markings in overo, tobiano, or tovero coat patterns. Specific colors include bay, black, brown, dun, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, grullo, sorrel, grey, or roan.  Painted horses are level-headed, intelligent horses. They trace their breed back to the Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortes. Cortes brought 16 war horses to the New World, one of which was a sorrel and a white pinto. Historians believe that it was this horse that established the American Paint Horse breed. Descendants of this stallion eventually spread all across North America and into the American West and eventually were tamed by Native Americans. The fact that American Indians favored the painted horses led to their hearty, and steady survival as a breed. There are many places were you can find the American Painted Horse for sale in the United States and you can’t make a better choice of breed for a horse for your ranch or riding mount for an aspiring or experienced equestrian. Here are some of the many places where you will find American Painted Horses for sale.  Read the rest of this entry »

Plants that Don\'t Require Maintenance

A gorgeously planted lawn with beautiful landscaping is a wonderful addition to any home, but it's important for homeowners to also consider the level of maintenance associated with an installation by R&S Landscaping. For busy homeowners who don't want to have to deal with constant trimming and maintenance of a lawn, there are plants that remain small for several years and aren't prone to getting huge over time. Additionally, there are methods that can be used to reduce the amount of weeds that grow around a lawn that will further reduce the amount of maintenance the area requires.

Choosing Zone Appropriate Trees

Designing landscaping for a yard is a fun process, and one of the important projects is choosing trees and plants that will thrive in the environment where the home is located. With assistance from, it's possible to design a yard that won't require an incredible amount of work to maintain, as well as a yard that will reduce the amount of water needed to ensure proper growth throughout the seasons. Zone appropriate trees will always look best during the growing season when they're lush and thriving in an environment that suits them and makes the yard look beautiful.

A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course


Perhaps, but not really. That little ditty made for a great TV show theme song, especially considering that the show was about the talking horse Mr. Ed. But just as the difference between Mr. Ed and a pack mule was like night and day, the difference between horses is indeed tremendous so to truly delve into all things equestrian it is necessary to examine the various types of horses specifically, not horses as one distinct animal. From thoroughbreds and ponies to quarter horses and Canadian Pacers, horses come in every size, shape, color, and temperament.

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Length of Moving and Pets

It can be rather difficult to get to the other side of the country during a move, but doing so with pets is an even more difficult venture. Often it's important to consider how simple pet relocation might improve what the pet experiences in a move as it might be less stressful to travel more swiftly. Even though a pet won't be with its family during the move, it will be incredibly safe during a move that is specifically designed to transport a pet. Reducing stress everywhere is an important project during any move across the country.

Including Water and Food in Training

Full scale dog training isn't solely something that deals with simple commands like "sit," walk," and "roll over." There are many behaviors in dogs that may be trained with North Carolina Dog Training, and using food and water to create an important relationship between the dog and his or her owner is a great project for any new dog owner. A dog that knows when it's time to eat and yet is patient enough to wait for his or her owner to come with the food is a well-behaved family pet, and any canine may be trained to be patient for food.